Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Welcome to the 21st century, Katie

I'm sitting on the living room floor. Typing this blog. From my very own, very first LAPTOP!

I'm excited--for several reasons. Thanks to oh-so-generous parents and a friend who majorly hooked me up through Dell, I have a brand new mac-daddy, top-of-the-line, to-be-jealous-of piece of equipment. Some of those hours of freelance work I do several nights a week can now be done from the comfort of my bed, rather than at my computer desk (which, even with a hand-me-down super chair at the desk--thanks again Mother--is uncomfortable after being in the same position all day at work). There's the excitement of being able to wirelessly stream DVDs and watch shows online on my living room TV. And I'm totally eager to get back to blogging.

I've had so many great post ideas in the last months. Some of them made it in handwritten notes to be typed later. A few actually got typed but not published because I've been holding back until I could get a "what's been going on in my life" post written first. (And that's a daunting task!) Most of the great ideas have just floated around in my head, coming up for air over and over again, but never making it out of the water.

I've got a lot to share to get you caught up--life adventures, cooking and more! So I'm taking baby steps towards the daunting task. This is my intro to the "I'm back and loving life" post that will be coming soon. And coming, of course, from my BRAND. NEW. LAPTOP. Yay!

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